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15 December 2017

The latest tailings deal

[Novus Group] -- Mining gold recovery specialist DRDGold estimates that it will need R2-billion to develop the West Rand Tailings Retreatment Project (WRTRP), based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

01 December 2017

Pretorius won’t take DRDGold shareholders for granted in Sibanye deal

[Miningmx] -- DRDGOLD CEO, Niël Pretorius, said he would not take any chances in getting shareholders to support the proposed acquisition of gold-bearing slimes from Sibanye-Stillwater, unveiled to the market last month.
23 November 2017

Goud uit slik: Mynhuise werk saam

[Novus Group]-- Sibanye-Stillwater en DRDGold gaan saamwerk goud uit ou mynhope te herwin.

23 November 2017

Sibanye and DRDGold will benefit from union

[Novus Group] -- In an environment where Sibanye-Stillwater' shareholders are reluctant to invest anything more in South African projects, leaving a large tailings retreatment project undeveloped, the marriage of forces between SA's largest domestic gold producer and tailings retreatment specialist DRDGold makes perfect sense.

22 November 2017

Massive new gold tailings retreatment venture established in South Africa

[Mining Review] -- Gold majors Sibanye-Stillwater and DRDGOLD have entered into an agreement to develop a massive surface tailings retreatment business.

22 November 2017

Sibanye-Stillwater unveils R1.3bn surface gold deal with DRDGOLD

[Miningmx] -- SIBANYE-Stillwater’s unstinting deal odyssey continued today after the firm unveiled a partnership with DRDGOLD in which it will vend surface gold resources into a partnership in return for a 38% stake in the gold retreatment company. The deal is valued at R1.3bn.

27 September 2017

VIDEO: DRDGOLD Limited (NYSE: DRD) | Stock News Now

[Stock News Now] -- VIDEO SNNLive spoke with Niël Pretorius, CEO of DRDGOLD Limited (NYSE: DRD) at the Precious Metals Summit 2017 in Beaver Creek, CO.

12 September 2017

Tailings savvy DRDGold inviting collaboration, consolidation

[Mining Weekly] -- The oldest company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with more experience than any other mining company in the recovery of gold from tailings dumps, believes that the time may have arrived for the transplanting of its remarkable expertise to other footprints.

08 September 2017

SA FM: Martin Creamer speaks on Acid mine water

[SA FM] -- Interview with Martin Creamer.

06 September 2017

Acid mine water used to recover gold from dumps – DRDGOLD

[Mining Weekly] -- Acid mine drainage (AMD), which is water that has been polluted during more than a century of mining activity, is being used to augment the large volume of water needed to recover gold from mine dumps.
06 September 2017

Kaya FM: Interview with Niël Pretorius CEO of DRDGOLD on the Bench Marks Foundation report, 'Waiting to Inhale'

[Kaya FM] -- Interview with Niël Pretorius CEO of DRDGOLD on the bench marks foundation report, 'Waiting to Inhale'.

06 September 2017

VIDEO: DRDGOLD declares %5 dividend despite a difficult year

[Business Day TV] -- A difficult year hasn't stopped DRDGOLD from rewarding shareholders. Niel Pretorius, CEO: DRDGOLD in studio to discuss their results. Watch video

05 September 2017

VIDEO: Expensive mine dump vegetation going up in flames – DRDGOLD

[Mining Weekly] -- VIDEO: Surface mining company DRDGOLD, which has spent more money on vegetating tailings dams in the last ten years than it has paid dividends to shareholders, is seeing its dump vegetation effort going up in smoke at the same time as it comes under criticism from a leading nongovernmental organisation (NGO) for allegedly failing to suppress dust adequately.

05 September 2017

DRDGOLD Limited says FY HEPS at 0.2 cents per share

[Reuters] -- FY operating profit decreased 41% to R256.8 million.
05 September 2017

DRDGOLD final results June 2017

[Sharenet] -- GOLD pretreatment firm, DRDGOLD, blamed significantly lower earnings in its 2017 financial year on operational restructuring and the removal of “legacy issues”, and said it was better positioned to control costs in the current financial year.
05 September 2017

DRDGOLD takes pain after year of restructure, maintains payout

[Sharenet] -- GOLD pretreatment firm, DRDGOLD, blamed significantly lower earnings in its 2017 financial year on operational restructuring and the removal of “legacy issues”, and said it was better positioned to control costs in the current financial year.

05 September 2017

DRDGOLD shrugs off challenges, declares final dividend

[Mining Weekly] -- Surface material gold mining company DRDGOLD on Tuesday declared a final dividend of 5c a share despite the challenging 12 months to June 30.

04 September 2017

DRDGOLD CEO Niël Pretorius expressed his disappointment

[RADIO 2000] -- Gold producer DRDGOLD CEO Niël Pretorius expressed his disappointment that the Bench Marks Foundation (BMF) had not engaged with the company when compiling its latest report ‘Waiting to Inhale’.
29 June 2017

Mining BEE top-up in the balance

[Business Live] -- Adding another 4% black empowerment shareholding to satisfy the new mining charter requirements should be easy for mining companies in theory — but there are many potential pitfalls in the details

19 May 2017

DRDGold declares dividend despite a difficult year

[Business Live] -- DRDGold publicly threw open its doors on Tuesday to all parties that had gold tailings to either sell them or enter joint ventures to exploit these assets, positioning the tailings retreatment specialist for growth.

24 February 2017

Dump Clean-Up

[Mining Weekly] -- DRDGOLD spends R26m in six months on environmental restoration.
17 February 2017

DRDGOLD top line not in sync with bottom line

[Summit] -- Niël Pretorius‚ CEO of DRDGold‚ speaks to Business Day TV about interim results‚ which show a headline loss as it started the final clean up and closure of its Crown sites.

16 February 2017

On-The-Air with Martin Creamer

[Mining Weekly]-- The big clean up that’s being done now is by DRD Gold, which has been mining here for 122 years.
16 February 2017

DRDGOLD injects R26m into environmental restoration, communities

[Mining Weekly] -- Having been part of the initial days of mining in Johannesburg, DRDGOLD is now part of the environmental restoration stage. Mining Weekly editor Martin Creamer joins senior deputy editor Tracy Hancock in studio to discuss the gold producer’s efforts to limit the impact of ongoing operations on the environment and communities.
16 February 2017

DRDGold top line not in sync with bottom line

[BUSINESS DAY TV] -- Niël Pretorius, CEO of DRDGold, speaks about interim results, which show a headline loss as it started the final clean up and closure of its Crown sites.
16 February 2017

‘DRD can be around for another 100 years’

[Moneyweb] -- If we stick to our strategy of sustainable development – Niel Pretorius, CEO – DRDGOLD.

16 February 2017

Liquidation of Blyvooruitzicht mine holds lessons for fate of workers

[Business Day] -- The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) recently released a study report, Blyvooruitzicht Mine Village: the human toll of state and corporate abdication of responsibility in SA.

16 February 2017

DRDGOLD spends R26m in six months on environmental restoration

[Polity News] -- Johannesburg is probably one of the world’s best examples of unintended sustainable development, where almost accidentally the mining economy has been fully replaced by another larger economy.

15 February 2017

DRDGOLD Limited (NYSE:DRD) stock technicals hit strength

[] -- This is a technical analysis stock rating for DRDGOLD Limited (NYSE:DRD) . The company has a four bull technical rating which indicates some strength. The risk here is a potentially overbought situation, but for now, the stock price is moving slightly higher and does have room to rise before it hits an overbought technical rating of five bulls.
15 February 2017

DRDGOLD readies to face tough conditions

[IOL] -- DRDGOLD said on Wednesday that adverse changes in the global market and the sustained strengthening of the rand against the dollar were likely to hurt its operations and affect the company’s profitability in the future.
15 February 2017

DRDGOLD's Pretorius calls for patience after rollercoaster ride

[Miningmx] -- DRDGOLD was famously dubbed ‘The Roodepoort Rocket’ by former CEO, Mark Wellesley-Wood. but perhaps ‘The Roodepoort Rollercoaster’ would have been a better moniker.

15 February 2017

DRDGOLD ups operating profit on lower output as enviro cleanup weighs

[Mining Weekly] -- Gold-from-dumps producer DRDGOLD on Wednesday announced a 4% increase in operating profit to R172.6-million on 7% lower gold output for the six months to December 31.

15 February 2017

DRDGold posts sharp fall in interim profits

[Business Day] -- DRDGold posted a sharp fall in interim profits after closing a number of sites, laying off staff and depreciating its assets. DRDGold, which treats tailings dumps around Johannesburg to extract residual gold, reported a 5% increase in revenue to R1.19bn for the six months to end-December as the rand gold price increased by 16% to R572,443/kg compared with the year-earlier period.

09 February 2017

DRDGOLD in state of balance

[Business Day] -- At the existing gold price of R533,914/kg DRDGold is close to the "sweet spot" where price, volumes, costs and extraction efficiencies converge, CEO Niël Pretorius said on Wednesday.

09 January 2017

Upturn shot in arm for DRDGOLD

[Business Live] -- Bullish analysts renew forecasts of recovery as shares of US-loved low-cost, low-risk miner that targets mine dumps rise steeply